Are you looking for a first-rate potting soil? Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix has the ingredients needed for most indoor and outdoor plants. It works well for germinating seedlings, growing new cuttings, planting containers, and starting hanging baskets. A wide variety of plants including flowers, tropical plants, vegetables, and shrubs flourish when grown in the Ultimate Potting Mix.

Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix does not contain worthless fillers like some of the inferior potting soils do. It retains the water necessary for healthy plant growth and fertilizes your plants for the first while, giving them ideal growing conditions. The main components of Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix include Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, dolomitic limestone, calcitic limestone, starter nutrient charge, and a wetting agent.

How Do I Grow a Successful Container Garden?

A container garden gives those with limited space the pleasure of gardening. You can grow a variety of plants in your yard or on the apartment balcony.

 Containers. Choose the right container for the plant you are growing. How tall will the plant grow? How much space will the plant roots need? Pick containers according to the size the plant will become. All containers need a drainage hole on the bottom.

 Soil. A quality potting soil is imperative for successful container gardens. The potting soil needs to provide drainage, aeration, and good nutrients for your plants. Consider Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix, a popular choice with gardeners.

 Watering. Container plants need watered often, sometimes twice during the hot summer months. Water the plants in the early morning or evening. The plants benefit most if watered during the cooler times of the day. Since watering the leaves and flowers increases the risk of fungal disease, water the soil close to the roots. The roots transport the water to the leaves and flowers.

Water the plant until the water comes through the drainage holes in the bottom of the container. This ensures that the roots in the bottom of the pot have the water they need. However, do not let the pot sit in water. Empty container saucers to avoid root rot.

 Fertilizer. Because container plants need more water, the nutrients wash out of the soil more quickly. Keep in mind you may need to fertilize container plants more often.

When heading to your local garden center for a potting soil, keep in mind that Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix rates high with many gardeners!