We all enjoy a well landscaped home, but that is hard to do without mulch or stone. Here at Oak Lane Structures we stock many colors and types of mulch so that you can find the perfect fit for your house. We also keep driveway stone on hand, as well as decorative landscape gravel, topsoil, compost, and sand for all your landscaping and gardening needs!

We understand that not everyone has a pickup to haul their own mulch or gravel, and so we want to do our best to help you get what you need. We can deliver up to a 10-yard load of mulch, and up to 7-ton load of gravel or topsoil. If you are needing only a small amount of mulch or stone, we will gladly deliver that as well. 

Mulching Tips

While you can put mulch down anytime there isn’t snow, the best time is in the spring before the weeds and flowers come up. You can mulch around any flowers, trees, and your house without hurting them. The only time that mulch will hurt your trees is if you pile it up too high around the root collar. When you pile mulch too high, you allow the roots to grow around the stem of the trunk, girdling the tree. This will eventually kill the tree. You should be able to see where the trunk starts spreading out with roots. As a general rule of thumb you can spread 2” of fresh mulch on the ground around your tree. If you are landscaping for the first time, you can spread up to 6” of mulch to give it a good start. But again remember that you may need to remove some dirt or old mulch so it doesn’t get too high around the tree trunk and cause problems.