TruMelt Premium Ice Melter

Oak Lane Structures is excited to introduce you to TruMelt Premium Ice Melter, a safe product that will melt ice and snow at temperatures as low as -12 degrees F (-21 degrees C).

What makes TruMelt Premium Ice Melter superior to other ice melting products?

TruMelt is 100% honest about the ingredients in our product. We disclose everything and hide nothing.

TruMelt contains two ice-melting compounds, solar evaporated salt and magnesium. The main ingredient is solar evaporated salt (sodium chloride) rated at 99% purity. Because we use purified salt, our ice melt minimizes tracking that comes from products which contain dirty rock salt. TruMelt products also contain from 3% to 20% magnesium pellets. These two ingredients work together efficiently and give higher performance than many brands out there.

Magnesium allows the product to melt ice and snow at low temperatures. If you want greater melting power and higher protection for sidewalks and other concrete surfaces, use our TruMelt products that have 12% magnesium or greater. Ten percent magnesium is safer for pets and turf. If used as directions indicate, it will not harm your dog’s paws or kill vegetation.

TruMelt is lightly tinted with a green colorant that is non-staining and organic. This makes the mixture visible and helps you apply it evenly.

We care about uniformity is size. We screen our product to eliminate any crystals larger than ¼ inch, and we also remove the fine dust. TruMelt boasts the quality of being clump-free. This makes spreading the salt evenly over your porch steps and sidewalk a pleasant task! Without the fine dust, we also eliminate those chalky, white tracks through your kitchen when the men folk come in for coffee break after snow and ice removal!

We know you want a product that doesn’t stain your concrete and floors, but even more important is your safety. We want you to be able to step out your door with confidence instead of being worried that you will slip and fall!

We welcome contractors. Oak Lane Structures is here to provide you with quality products. Give us a call at 574.967.3233, or stop by and see us in Flora, Indiana!